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Saffron of the highest quality and purity

The world’s finest saffron is named after the mausoleum to eternal love. The Taj Mahal® brand is the result of a trip by Luis Valeriano González to India, where he fell in love with the country and its majestic Taj Mahal, the most international symbol of love by emperor Shah Jahan to his wife Mumatz Mahal.

This is the brand for the Gulf countries, the Middle East and South-East Asia, where it is the most recognized and consolidated saffron brand. All Taj Mahal® products are born from our passion for our roots and for our work, and are a unique tribute from Valgosa to saffron lovers. Here at Valgosa, we conduct the most rigorous controls to guarantee 100% purity. The result is saffron with an intense colour, exquisite flavour and fragrant aromas, capable of fascinating even the most discerning clients.


Saffron that meets category I of  the  ISO 3632:2011 quality standard, with a purity of 100%. Available in various formats to adapt the product to every occasion and to each client. From plastic boxes to glass jars or can.

Saffron syrup

Taj Mahal® saffron syrup goes a step beyond our tribute to India. To create it, we revive an ancient artisanal recipe that comes from the country of spices, using Taj Mahal® as its main ingredient. The result is a concentrated alcohol-free syrup, with no artificial additives. It is a highlight energetic and revitalizing product, ideal for adding to water, milk, coffee or tea, and to decorate and make ice-cream, desserts and cocktails.

A pioneering company in the production and sale of saffron and spices

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