Step into our history

From small-scale producer to one of Spain’s most prestigious saffron and spice companies.


Our dream begins

Our dream begins. José Valeriano González sets up a saffron business in Albacete (La Mancha).


We open to the world

Luis Valeriano González develops the exportation department, with the aim of getting into the international markets.


Luis Valeriano González travels to India for the first time

Luis Valeriano González travels to India for the first time. From his deep fascination for the country, and more specifically, for the Taj Mahal, the mausoleum of love he discovers in Agra, the Taj Mahal® brand is born. Upon his return from India, he wants to explore the Gulf countries, which are beginning to gain significance for their energy reserves.


We move to Barcelona

With the aim of facilitating exportation, we move our central offices to Barcelona. We retain and maintain production in Albacete (La Mancha), where it remains to this day.


Teabags and spices hit the Spanish and Portuguese market

An agreement is drawn up by Brooke Bond in London to create a joint society with the aim of producing and introducing teabags onto the Spanish and Portuguese market. In a relatively short time, the tea achieves significant penetration in the Spanish market and Brooke Bond Spain holds the top spot in sales of teas and other related products, such as spices and infusions. In 1984, Unilever acquires Brooke Bond International and takes full control of the regional society.


Honorary Consul General of India

Given Luis Valeriano González’ close relationship with India, Maharajah Sani Man Singh Bahadur of Jaipur invites him to become Honorary Consul General of India in Barcelona, which is ratified by the president of India and conceded by King Juan Carlos I Of Spain. Luis Valeriano continues today to represent the interests of the Indian community in Catalonia, and is the most veteran consul in Europe.


We establish global standards for saffron quality

Luis Valeriano González, in conjunction with Valgosa quality department, leads a technical committee in Geneva, with the aim of drafting international regulations that regulate the quality of saffron and protect consumers against malpractice: ISO3632.


We design the iconic Taj Mahal box

We substitute our cans for a new identity, and a new way of packaging, which, will become over the course of time, the standard container for the saffron category. Our design becomes a global icon, for being the leading and flagship brand for generations of customers, and synonymous of trust and quality.


The Safinter brand is born

The Safinter brand is born with the objective of bringing saffron to Western countries.


USA and Latin America

Our presence is increased in the US and Latin America, through distribution agreements with major companies from the sector.


Valeriano González Foundation

Valeriano González Foundation is established in honour of the society’s founder and father of Luis Valeriano, with the aim of increasing saffron cultivation in Castilla La Mancha, by providing the farmers with the means and know-how to fulfil this goal.


The third generation takes over the company

Isabel González assumes leadership of the company.


A century of history

The company turns 100: a century in the saffron, spices and tea business. What’s more, the fourth generation of the family joins the company.


New HQ

As part of Valgosa’s new strategic plan “preparing ourselves for the future”, the company moves to a larger headquarters with completely new productive facilities and capacity to be able to execute new projects that create value for the company and its clients.

The company

More than a century dedicated to the production and marketing of saffron and spices.

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Our commitment to maximum quality defines our principles and our savoir fare.

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Savoir faire

We rely on know-how passed from generation to generation for more than a century, that distinguishes us for our unique savoir-faire

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A pioneering company in the production and sale of saffron and spices

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