The Company

Valgosa is a family firm that has been dedicated to the saffron and spice business for more than a century. Born in 1912, its cornerstone has always been to offer maximum purity, creating and carrying products of exceptional quality to the four corners of the globe.

Excellence is an essential value for us and, defines our services and way of working. We have unique know-how that has been kept alive from generation to generation, and which constitutes a meeting point between tradition and modernity, innovation and inheritance.

With the arrival of the fourth generation to the company, constant development and progress have become fundamental pillars. This keeps us our finger on the pulse with the latest market requirements and trends, and helps us to keep offering the very best to our customers.

We maintain farming facilities in the Castilla La Mancha region, where we have our own saffron fields. In addition, we have collaborated with different farmers for years, with whom we have agreements to select the finest saffron and spices. All governed by strict, rigorous quality control.

Our central offices are in Barcelona, an ideal location from which to manage our sales and to develop international relationships. With the recent opening of our headquarters, we have set our sights firmly on the future, building technologically advanced facilities that enable us to grow and offer better customer service. These facilities are the logistical hub from which we export to the whole world.


Our roots define us. More than a century ago, we began cultivating saffron in our own fields in Albacete. Since then we have carved out a long history, in which we have dedicated ourselves to offering highest quality saffron and spices to more than 35 countries on five continents.

Valgosa’s origin is closely linked to the story of our founder, José Valeriano González, undisputable pioneer of his time in the saffron and spice business and that of his son, Luis Valeriano González, who forged a unique link between East and West through his countless journeys to India, the country to which he started to export saffron. On his first trip, he fell madly in love with this country of contrasts, vast, mystical and full of singularities. That first encounter would charter the course of his history and that of Valgosa. His fascination with the country grew with each journey, and in 1968, he was named Honorary Consul of India. While carrying out his work, he saw how relations between India and Spain notably improved, and how the distant Eastern country went from being a complete strange, to a place admired by the Spanish.

Throughout all these years of history, we have kept the family values that marked our beginnings intact, and, at the same time, we have successively incorporated new technologies and the latest innovations into all our process to continue growing and improving.

Our History

From small-scale producer to one of Spain's most presitigious saffron and spice companies.

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Our commitment to maximum quality defines our principles and our savoir fare.

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Savoir faire

We rely on know-how passed from generation to generation foe more than a century, that distinguishes us for our unique savoir-faire.

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A pioneering company in the production and sale of saffron and spices

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