Since 1912

Our saffron

Only at Valgosa will you find the world's purest and most exquisite saffron.

Since 1912

Savoir Faire

Unique know-how in the production and sale of saffron and spices.

Since 1912

Our Company

More than a century bringing saffron of exceptional quality to every kitchen of the world.

Since 1912


Valeriano González, our founder, developed the company on the grounds of essential principles of trust and unique quality.


More than a century, and over four generations of passion and dedication in the production and sale of saffron and spices

A hundred years making the whole world's dishes sparkle with highest quality saffron and spices

Valgosa is more than a company dedicated to the production and sale of saffron and spices. Born in 1912 by José Valeriano González, over the years it has become many people’s dream, in a way that has endured and has passed from generation to generation. More than a hundred years putting passion and perseverance into creating the most sublime saffron and spices.

Our Brands

For those for whom only the purest saffron and spices in existence, will do

Taj Mahal® is a tribute from Valgosa to saffron lovers. Tradition, prestige, trust and quality are the four pillars of the leading brand in the Gulf countries and Asia.

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SAFINTER sells our saffron and La Vera paprika in various formats on the Western market. The brand has succeeded in bringing these unique spices to clients from all over the world.

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El Jardín is the brand designed to bring incomparable Valgosa saffron to the food service sector. An innovative and accessible way to sell this exceptionally pure, high quality product, and to encourage the world’s most prestigious chefs to use the queen of spices in their recipes.

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Our Business

We adapt ourselves to each client and each channel individually

Modern trade & customer experience

Tailor Made

Food Service

Travel market & selective retail

Medical & Cosmetic Industry

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A pioneering company in the production and sale of saffron and spices

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