Modern trade & customer experience

Valgosa brands are loved by consumers all over the world. Valgosa has built its reputation worldwide on 5 key values: trust, legacy (good balance between tradition and innovation), quality (product, service, execution), exclusivity of products and overall retail experience. Thanks to these pillars Valgosa has been able to become the brand leader in many countries, outperforming the market.

Valgosa’s philosophy is to develop strong and long-lasting partnerships with retailers and to stablish a dynamic collaboration between each other, having the customer at the center point of all our decisions.

At Valgosa we are committed with our customers by providing high quality products to their daily life and by creating satisfying experiences that will stimulate creativity, interaction and health education.

Tailor Made

Having pioneered the saffron market, our business now has more than 100 years of experience in developing highly marketable products and brands. We occupy a unique position across the saffron and spice industry, vertically integrating every step from the fields to the final product.
All this wisdom and know-how is made available to the specific needs of each market. If you are looking for a particular format or customization of our brands, our team is ready to meet your preferences and requirements.
As always, all our products are developed under a strict commitment to high standards of quality, purity and safety. Our company and facilities are endorsed by the most demanding international quality and food safety certifications, guaranteeing excellence in every stage of the process.

Food Service

We carefully select the highest quality ingredients to satisfy the most demanding chef’s all over the world.
Thanks to the experience gained over more than 100 years, as well as our high-quality standards and meticulous care in the preparation of our products, Valgosa Food Service provides its services as an ideal partner for your business to satisfy the needs of any professional sector. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant or a catering service, we will be the partner who is always by your side.

Travel market & selective retail

Our vision is to develop unique shopping experiences adapting them to every channel.
For travel retail, our ambition is to offer high quality products, inspiring travelers to have a good time while they are travelling, creating exclusive brand experiences and developing a dialogue between the consumer and the brand.
Selective retail includes gourmet stores and food specialist. Valgosa is committed to work side by side with store owners to offer products that fit with the meticulous selection and value pursued in the channel.

Medical & Cosmetic Industry

Spices, and saffron in particular, are known for its properties and health benefits. At Valgosa, through the Valeriano Gonzalez Foundation, we work closely with investigators, laboratories and companies to extend the use of spices by developing new ways of transferring the spices benefits to customers.
Thanks to the quality and purity of our products as well as to the strict excellence policies implemented in our technologically advanced facilities, our spices, and saffron in particular, are suitable products for medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. We are able to provide pure and high quality spices in different states: whole, powder and liquid extract.

A pioneering company in the production and sale of saffron and spices

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